Sales Leaders

Coach, Manager, Plow


All Sales Leaders need wear multiple hats, sometimes all at the same time.  Coaching, which is different than telling someone what to do, is a learned skill that needs to be practiced.  It's a bit different than sports coaching, whereas, the Sales Leader needs to help the salesperson to self-discover their own plan for success, through Gr8 Sales Coaching.  

Sales or Administration


Defining which portion of your Sales Leadership role is necessary, during any given period of time, is key.  All sales groups want to just "sell" and hide from what they perceive to be "administrative tasks",  They think "If I am distracted from doing anything other than sales, it's a waste of my time".  

Close the deal


GrowGr8 HR can help sales teams to be more effective and use the correct "mindset" to do all of the necessary tasks in order for the company, group and salesperson to achieve their KPIs and goals.  Sales Leadership is crucial to setting the proper mindset for total success.