Performance Management


Performance Process

A successful Performance Management process will include aligned and stated business and employee goals, developmental goals, a combination of informal and formal performance evaluations, and most importantly, ever present feedback throughout each performance cycle.


Evaluating & Communicating Performance

Assessing and translating both observed and constructive performance feedback is definitely an art, within a science.  Getting this right for employees is one of the most critical skills necessary for each leader and manager.  These conversations or evaluations tend to make or break relationships between managers and employees.  

Keep the engagement high and use facts.  Remember the "Golden Rule"... No surprises! 

GrowGr8 HR can be extremely helpful in partnering with leaders to get this right.


Make it Progressive

Whether using the best performance management system and/or tools, unless employees feel appreciated, supported, are receiving relevant feedback to their personal performance, and  believe they are being measured fairly and accurately, the effectiveness of the feedback will be wasted and potentially hurt long term engagement.   

GrowGr8 can work with your organization to get this right, from the process, to the evaluation, in preparation for the communication and setting the stage for the next evaluation cycle.  

Proper Performance Management will Grow Gr8 Human Resources.